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Lolly Poker Set

Lolly Poker Set

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The Lolly Poker Gift Set, is a unique creation by HEDGY TIME. Why play regular poker when you can play with candy?!

Box Includes:

  • High Quality Candy Poker 'chips' (as pictured)
  • Complete Deck of Poker Playing Cards

Candy and card designs will vary and may not be exactly what is shown in the pictures. 


Lolly Poker Rules:

This isn't just your standard game of Poker..

  • Regular Poker Rules apply (lookup Texas Hold 'em for best rules)
  • However, with Lolly Poker you can decide to eat your chips as you play meaning you can enjoy the candy but you will have less to play with, the risk is up to you..
  • Chip values are shown on last picture: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000


Ships to:

  • Australia 🇦🇺

  • Rest of World 🌏

*All Products may include traces of nuts and gluten.

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